Paul Meo

Early this year I fell 5 metres and sustained a broken back with numerous secondary injuries including degenerated discs and neck problems. I was in severe pain and could not get out of bed for the longest time. After a while, I was able to walk for 5-10 minutes a day and increased it slowly. Throughout the subsequent months, I went through multiple rehabilitation techniques, including physiotherapy, massage and hydrotherapy.

Jan and her Tai Chi skills have proved to be invaluable to my post-injury healing. She gave me some wonderful gentle movements that targeted and developed my back muscles and mindfully aided me to the wellbeing of my former self.

Her Tai Chi targeted my individual problems and gave me knowledge in fundamentals of “Chi/Qigong”, techniques of “Forest Bathing”, “meditating practices”, “Circulation improving practices” to name a few. But mostly, utilising the environment that surrounds a person in a way that flows naturally … a lot like water.

I now see it as methodology into creating meaning out of my injury and a lifelong learning journey that I will always draw fond memories from.

Jan LeeComment