Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness


“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” - Ovid

The Tai Chi Club is pleased to provide short, focused group sessions at your place of work or venue of your choice. It is our aim to assist the promotion of wellness in your workplace for staff through the timeless art of Tai Chi and it’s meditative principles and practices. By allocating a small and intentional amount of time to relax and refocus, this session will enable your staff to work with greater clarity and efficiency.

Duration: 45 minute - 1 hour sessions

Designed For: Participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Number of Participants: We recommend between 3 - 25 participants per session to allow our instructor to give adequate attention to those present. The maximum number of participants should also depend on the space available to conduct the session.

What Will Be Experienced: A warm up, a series of gentle and simple body movements to music, a warm down and a quiet meditation to finish. Participants will learn 7-10 repeated movements per session to encourage body balance and mindfulness. Our instructor will guide participants through the session, ensuring they learn correct technique and engage their body and mind with purpose.

Our instructors are happy to tailor each session to suit your workplace should there be specific requirements for participants.

What To Wear: Participants should wear comfortable clothing and flat, enclosed shoes.

Space: We recommend an area large enough for participants to stand at least an arm’s distance away from each other, with a level surface to stand on. Either indoor or outdoor locations are welcome and we encourage the ambience to be pleasant one. We appreciate any location charges will be organised and covered by the company.

Equipment: None required. Our instructor will bring portable speakers for music played during the session.. No set up or pack down is necessary.

Pricing & Payment: $395 per session, including our instructor’s travel time within a 25 km radius of the Sydney CBD. Reductions per session are available for multiple bookings. We will provide an invoice and appreciate full payment before the session date in order to confirm your booking. We accept payments via EFT and credit card.

Who Will Teach: Our principal instructor, Jan Lee. Jan has been engaged in the practice of Tai Chi from her childhood. She founded The Tai Chi Club in 1976 as a student of the University of New South Wales, and has since continued teaching to countless students in Australia and overseas. Jan is an accredited instructor of the Australian Coaching Council. We are excited to bring her passion and dedication to your workplace.

To make a booking for your workplace, please email us at

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